As Steve Jobs said: technology moves the world. A technology that is in everything, and everywhere, to make life easier for us; and that offers us gadgets as perfect gifts for the most innovative. Unique details that have ceased to be armatostes to bet on the design and set trends. “Follow the clues, put yourself in the skin of the person you are going to give as a gift and manage to surprise”.


For luxury lovers who want a unique and original gift, we bring the latest in gadgets: speakers that are authentic works of art, luggage systems that adapt to the needs of each trip, alarm clocks that soften the upset of early risers, gadgets that they allow you to transform your old car into a state-of-the-art one … Some proposals in which the object itself does not matter, but rather the emotions it conveys.


1. To mitigate the alteration that our biological rhythm undergoes with the changes of time, the PHILIPS WAKE-UP LIGHT alarm clock arrives to help us to be a little happier each morning and to deal with the time imbalances with greater vitality. This alarm lamp, clinically tested, simulates the sunrise inside the bedroom, gradually increasing the intensity of light thirty minutes before the time we have set to wake up.

The color of the morning light changes from the soft red of the dawn to a warm orange and a bright yellow, thus up to 20 different intensities of light, adapted to the needs of each person. It also includes a light attenuation system to simulate the sunset before going to sleep. Prepares the body to sleep gradually decreasing light and sound according to the established duration.


2. YOGA BOOK by LENOVO, the thinnest 2 in 1 tablet in the world, with virtual keyboard (Halo) and digital pen (Real Pen) that allows you to write directly on it and scan all your projects instantly. With a typical design of ultra portable (screen and keyboard joined by hinge) but with a much more versatile use thanks to the incorporation of what they have called “Create Pad”. A multi-purpose touch surface joined by a 360 degree hinge to the screen and offering interesting productivity features.

Among which stands out the Halo keyboard that really is not a conventional keyboard, but is generated virtually on the touch surface. Additionally this surface can also be converted into a notepad or sketches (Note Saver) when combined with the dual-use digital pen, called Real Pen. With an exceptionally thin and lightweight design, the Yoga Book weighs only 690 g and is only 4.05 mm wide, which makes working and having fun no effort wherever you are.


3. For gaming, LOGITECH launches two new gadgets: the WIRELESS G933 ARTEMIS SPECTRUM headphones and the G633 Artemis Spectrum. Designed by Logitech’s team of sound engineers, both feature Pro-G speakers to provide a superior audio experience and surround sound. The headphones are customizable and feature RGB lighting, illuminated and interchangeable side plates, and programmable G-keys.

Combined with Logitech software, you can customize sound settings, create profiles and easily save the equalizer presets. Both headphones will be compatible with both PCs and mobile devices and consoles, as the G633 has a USB connection and an analog input that joins and mixes the sound of up to two devices, while the Logitech G933 has a USB mixing adapter and two analog inputs that connect and mix the sound of up to three gadgets, so that we can receive the sound of the game and talk on the phone at the same time through the headphones.


4. Sound power and first class design in the same product? This is what the engineers of the French company DEVIALET have managed to combine in their latest and most powerful wireless speaker. GOLD PHANTOM is a new “plug and play” high-fidelity sound experience, with wireless connection (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Spotify Connect, plus Ethernet and optical cable connection), which can be controlled directly from the “smartphone” . Its power and design have conquered many and Apple stores around the world distribute it.

A wireless speaker of 4,500 watts (W) of power, 108 decibels (dB) of sound impact and an exclusive finish in rose gold of 22 carats. It is what the engineers of the brand consider the perfect combination to achieve “the best sound in the world”. The new device also has a “more stimulating” finish, with the lowest frequencies in history (14 Hz) and crystal clear frequencies of 27 kHz, thanks to the new Titanium Tweeter.


5. Safe driving and connection? NAVDY, an interesting gadget aims to be the extension of our smartphone on the windshield of the car. A portable HUD device (head-up display or transparent screen) for the car that allows us to receive the information that comes from the smartphone without taking off the view of the road, thus achieving a greater concentration in driving, and in addition, improving our security.

The Navdy device is located on the dashboard just behind the steering wheel and uses Bluetooth to display maps, music, messages and other smartphone content. There is also the possibility of connecting the device with our car and having even more information available such as the level of gasoline, oil …

BUGABOO BOXER Full equip. Chassis, Travel Module and Cabin Module

6. Because it is not about what you decide to include in your luggage, but about how you carry it with you. BUGABOO BOXER is presented as the latest in luggage systems. Interconnectable modules that mate with each other create an easy to maneuver system that keeps all your essentials to travel in one place. You can reconfigure it in a matter of seconds, on the train, at security control, during boarding, or anywhere life takes you.

It is not a suitcase, but a revolutionary and ergonomic luggage system created for an effortless glide. Every little detail has been thought and designed to find a solution to a need of the current traveler. Either the elastic strap for luggage to fix your coat, the organizer always on hand to have all your essentials with you, the versatile inner bag that doubles its purpose to serve as a diary bag or adjustable handlebar with its wide grip area , show that it is the small gadgets that generate a great impact.


7. Finally, and after the resurgence of the vinyl as one of the most popular formats when it comes to listening to music, MAG LEV Audio presents the first turntable that makes the records levitate. With a touch of technology and modernity, for the most innovative, this reinvented turntable defies gravity and visually improves the experience of listening to vinyl records through the levitation of the plate, creating a futuristic rotating platform for an instrument so linked to the past.

The creators of MAG-LEV Audio looked for a way for people to live in a completely new way what it means to listen to a vinyl record by experiencing zero gravity inside their living room. This turntable that levita is designed for people who appreciate a high quality sound, without giving up an innovative design in their gadgets.