The Technological Products, Gadgets And Video Games That Will Reign In 2018


We have already entered a new year, which means that the new technology products are falling.

Over the past twelve months an almost borderless iPhone came to light, fantastic new games like the Unkown’s Battlegrounds Player, an impressive Galaxy Note 8 (which does not explode!) And the ultra-powerful Google Home Max; anyway, technology is not going to hit the brakes in 2018.

In order to prepare for the exciting year ahead, members of the Business Insider technology team have given their vision on what they expect most from 2018.

From new virtual reality devices to high-end smartphones, there goes the technology that excites us the most:

Oculus Go / Oculus Santa Cruz

“Oculus Go is the next independent virtual reality helmet from Facebook, which will be the first to not need a Samsung computer or mobile to function: everything necessary is embedded in the device itself, its relatively low price and its encapsulated design should to get more people to experiment with virtual reality, which is exactly what the ecosystem needs at this moment. ”

“Motion tracking will remain limited compared to other devices such as the Oculus Rift, but it comes with a command and an Oculus games library that is an immediate advantage over other virtual reality headsets in the entry segment, such as Google. Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR.

The Santa Cruz helmets will be the high-end alternative to Oculus Go; they will not need a computer or a smartphone either, but they will have a more advanced tracking system, allowing players to lean and turn their heads. Oculus assures that Santa Cruz will be delivered to developers at the beginning of 2018, but there is still no signature release date for the consumer version. ”

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 8, which premiered in the fall of 2017. Sarah Jacobs / Business Insider

“I was a user of the Galaxy Note 5 and considered it the most fun phone I’ve ever had, the stylus and the drawing application are much, much more useful than you can imagine.” The model in gold and ivory was also the mobile the most beautiful I had ever tasted … until I dropped it and a huge slit appeared in the back of the glass “.

“A rumor has it that Samsung will include a double or foldable screen in the Note 9. I have no idea what this might be useful for, but one thing I like about Samsung’s flagship products is that they are not afraid to add new ones. crazy elements in a phone, just to see what happens. ”

“If Samsung places a larger battery in the Note 9, or does something to earn the battery last much longer, it will make the Note 9 really alluring for me.”

The Microsoft tablet with hinges

A patent for a folding tablet from Microsoft. WIPO

“I would love to see a completely new product, although I do not expect that to happen.”

“However, if it happens, I think Microsoft will get the most impact, I think at this moment it’s safe to admit that if this [tablet] Surface in the Courier style comes true, we can bet that Microsoft will try to make sure that it becomes in a heavyweight. ”

“And, considering what we’ve seen in recent years at the hardware level, I’m not only enthusiastic but convinced that it could be a real bomb.”

Improvements on the Mac

“Apple should launch a new Mac Pro, the first product update in four years, which will be a demonstration of whether or not it is taking its core group of advanced users seriously.”

“Meanwhile, MacBooks may get some improvements, especially to solve keyboard problems, can a speck of dust ruin your $ 1,500 MacBook, come on, Apple is losing ground in the universe of desktops and laptops.”

The game of Harry Potter and Red Dead Redemption 2

“The Harry Potter game created by the people behind Pokémon Go After Pokémon Go completely dominated the world in 2016, I’m excited to see if Harry Potter can do the same.

What do you mean a Pokémon Go Harry Potter game? I have no idea! I’m looking forward to seeing how it is! ”

“And ‘Red Read Redemption 2.’ Every few years Rockstar Games launches a new game, sometimes it’s a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and sometimes it’s something else, in 2018, ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ is the big game, and It looks great, it’s the game I’m most looking forward to playing in 2018. ”

Apple’s AirPower

“I received a Belkin wireless charger for my iPhone X. And I love it Wireless charging, in general, is much more convenient and better than having to physically connect a cable to the phone.”

“That being said, wireless chargers could be better.” Most wireless chargers have a relatively small footprint, they are fussy (even Belkin’s charger does not work unless the phone is right in the middle of the cradle) and does not work. they can load several devices at the same time Apple AirPower, announced in 2017 but on sale in 2018, seems to solve all these problems and is the ideal solution to load all Apple devices, including the iPhone, Apple Watch or the AirPods, all at once.

” I’m looking forward to seeing how the AirPower prioritizes accuseding of numerous tools at the same time, however I’m a lot more fired up about the ramifications of Apple building a wireless battery charger, which will hopefully enhance competitors in the industry, creating new cordless chargers in all parts and also perhaps even producing some technology in regards to batteries and cordless charging. ”

Apple’s successor for the iPhone X

“When Apple announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X at the same time it was placed in a complicated situation in several ways.”

“For starters, Apple cornered itself with the decision over the names, will iPhone 9 be called the next mobile phone even though we already have the iPhone X? Will they switch to a Roman numeral system and we will see the iPhone XI?” .

“In addition to that, will two models be released each year, a more conventional mass consumption and a futuristic high-end? If so, nobody knows how they will overcome the iPhone X.

“The iPhone launches of 2017 left me with more questions than answers, so I can not wait to see what they have prepared for 2018.”